Strange Sport Siting!

3 03 2010

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We Got Bare Naked Ladies

10 02 2010

And I bet you were looking for naked women!   GOTCHA!!!

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Ground “Frog” Day

9 02 2010

Move over, Phil…”GroundFrog” Day coming to Wash. State

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — For a bullfrog, Snohomish Slew is living large.Children hand feed him about 10 earthworms a week, as if he were royalty being served peeled grapes.

He eats another 200 live crickets. Those get released into his 75-gallon tank, where he lounges in a small tub of water and stares blankly at commoners with the dull interest of a king.

He’s doubled in size since being adopted last year by Thayer Cueter, a veterinary technician who keeps Slew and his bullfrog understudy at her waterfront shop in Edmonds, the Just Frogs Amphibian Center

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How about that!

8 02 2010


Pothole Police

A councilor on the Navestock Parish Council located 25 miles northeast of London, England, has proposed a unique  way to control speeding traffic in his community. Mike Parrish is suggesting the town fix the potholes on major routes, but not bother repairing the potholes on secondary roads. That way, drivers will be forced to slow down. Another benefit to his scheme is that it would save the council considerable time and money if they didn’t have make the repairs, Not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. Retired police officer Roy Tyzack says it could put people at risk. 



Tuesday Trivia on Thursday

4 02 2010

Odd Rite

In centuries to come, when workmen are renovating the 209-year-old lieutenant-governor’s official residence in Halifax, Nova Scotia, they are likely to find shoes, circa 2009, hidden in the walls. Ron Jeppeson, who is leading the current renovation of the building, is just carrrying on an ancient tradition involving “concealment shoes.” Since he embarked on the renovation, he’s come across eight shoes hidden inside walls around the mansion. The old shoes are being cataloged and put on permanent display, and the new shoes are being hidden in their place. Jeppeson says the shoes are part of a suoerstition believed to keep evil spirits from coming into the house.


Bullet Proof

“While it’s a stretch to say a wad of Bazilian cash could serve as a bullet-proof device, it did save the life of one lucky woman,”  says Salvador city police spokesperson Vincente de Paula. Ivonette Pereira de Oliveira was riding on a bus in northeastern Brazil and had a thick pile of bills hidden inside her shirt. Little did she know  they’d end up saving her life after two gunmen came into the bus. Some gunfire was exchanged between them and an on-duty police officer on the bus. In th commotion, Oliveira took a bullet to the chest. The bills cushioned the impact enough to save her life.


Tuesday Trivia

1) Lapetus is a moon of which Planet?

2) What type of creature is a coelacanth?

3)What is the worlds most common blood type?

4) In which ocean are the Marshall Islands?

5)What are the two main religions of Japan?